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    The Physio9 Clinic ® is one of India's first & only healthcare institute offering Best of physiotherapy , chiropractic & Osteopathy treatments in Pune.

    We aim at quality and effective postural alignment to wide variety of patients in Pune. Patients from all over the world have experienced the benefits of Chiropractic treatment and their own particular methods of treatment, perfected with decades of experience.

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    We seamlessly merge two key components – friendly nature and latest technology machine. We are uniquely deploying cross-team benefits with effective testing procedures.

    Dr. Mahesh Chakor

    Physiotherapist, Chiropractor & Osteopath

    Dr. Mahesh Chakor

    Consultant postural Designer

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    Experience the convenience of all your health related care at The Physio9 Clinic ®. Our team is experienced and pateint friendly with all forms of Chiropractic/Osteopathic/Physiotherapy protocols. We offer Root cause treatment by accurate assessment, right diagnosis and advanced postural alignment™. The clinic is one of India’s first and only healthcare institution offering best of Physiotherapy treatments. We offer Root cause assessment & treatment with world known Technologies. Dr. Mahesh Chakor has been a consultant physiotherapist at Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai and has treated over 72000 patients in his tenure. The Physio9 Clinic ® have been entrusted to treat over 25000 patients & success story continues at our multiple branches of clinic. Don't wait in a queqe, Book an appointment with THE PHYSIO9 CLINIC ® on

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    We are a team of qualified Physiotherapists, Master of Chiropractic and Osteopathy working with a holistic approach and best treatment plan. We offer Root cause diagnosis and provide treatment with world known technologies based on the concept of 'Whole Body Is One Unit'. Be it headache, neck pain, shoulder injuries, back pian, scoliosis, herniation, sports injuries or any discomfort, our team of expert doctors have the experience and ability to ensure your life is pain free! Our treatment focuses on correcting the Alignment of your body and further maintaining it through Physiotherapy.
    The Physio9 Clinic ® is one of India's first and only healthcare institute offering Best of Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy treatment. Dr. Mahesh Chakor has been a consultant physiotherapist at Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai and is the founder of The Physio9 Clinic ® at present. He has been entrusted in treating over 72000+ patients in his tenure and the success story continues. We have a team of expert, experienced and patient friendly doctors providing root cause treatment by accurate assessment and Advanced Postural Alignment (TM) . The Physio9 Clinic ® has treated over 25000+ patients at it's multiple branches and obtained successful results.


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    If you have been diagnosed or suspect for pain and our team of Physiotherapists, Chiropractor & Osteopaths are available to help at The Physio9 Clinic ®
    Dr. Mahesh Chakor
    Physiotherapist, Chiropractor & Osteopath
    Dr.Vinit Patil
    Physiotherapist, Chiropractor & Osteopath
    Dr.Kaushik Agate
    Physiotherapist, Chiropractor & Osteopath

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